Mission Statement

I believe that through determination and hard work anything is possible to achieve. There should be nothing that intimidates you. There is no greater value in achieving something that no one thought was possible. Working hard allows individuals to become stronger emotionally and physically. Through personal experience, I have done everything in my power to accomplish the tasks at hand. I always try to challenge myself in my everyday learning. Whether it is through my internships or my future involvement in the workforce, I believe in trying to make the lives around me better. Achieving hard tasks is not always possible doing it alone. Therefore, it is vital to learn how to work well with others. On a more personal side, I became a comm major because I am deeply passionate about politics as well as sports and I want to keep a variety of options open for when I graduate.


My core beliefs are based on previous experiences working in the field. I believe that regardless of race or gender, everyone should be given a shot to succeed in our society. It should not matter how much money you make or where you are from; the only thing that matters is whether or not you can successfully carry out the mission of the company or organization to the best of your abilities. I want to improve the lives of ordinary citizens struggling to make ends meet. Through collaboration, I hope to one day start a grassroots organization that changes people’s lives forever. I have worked tirelessly through my vast experience in the political field helping shed light on issues that are important to everyday Americans. I want to push the status quo to the limit. Controversial ideas are not bad. Rather, they are a stepping stone into helping ordinary citizens get a fair shake. Climate Change is one of the most important issues facing our society today. Through social media and organization, one day I hope to deliver a message that will resonate with all Americans regardless of whether or not they believe in the cause. It is not about right vs. left, rather it is necessary to find common ground on issues as dire as climate change and put a plan into action that will improve the lives of everyone. Working on a campaign gave me great experience into what goes on in everyday operations. Being able to work with others with different backgrounds gave me a unique experience and opened me up to new ideas and concepts that I had not thought of before. I look forward to using the tools I learned in the workforce.



Consulting Under Armour, 2019

The Hill Newspaper, summer 2017

Intern Jamie Raskin For Congress Summer 2015


Saint Joseph's University 2016-Present


Stevenson University 2015-2016

Member of Stevenson University Golf Team

Saint Andrew's Episcopal High School 2011-2015

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